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Friday, March 13, 2009

Hope to marry the sweetest girl on Earth.

Do you believe in true love and romance? That there might be that special someone who should not get away? That when you find her you should do what ever it takes to get her, even if you have to go half way around the world...

Well.. I met this very special someone on Skype July 8th, 2006 and she is the dearest, sweetest girl I know. The hardest part is that she lives 8120 miles away from me.

I need to get there ASAP, before first week in April ends...so that I will have time to change her mind about someone else.

I spent 2 and a half years trying to win her heart on-line, but that was not good enough. I have to see her in person and do it for real. I hope to marry her and want to make that day the most special day of her life...

I need a few extra dollars to make it there and woo her properly... Could you please donate a small amount to help a really nice guy marry a really nice girl?

Any amount will help...but more will really help!

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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Phillies 1980 World Series Pin -- on eBay

The Phillies just won the 2008 World Series at 10 PM on Oct 29, 2008. Here is your chance to grab a piece of the past and snag their last World Series Pin on ebay..

You can find many more items like this at WagonLoads.com Resale Consignment Shop.

I am hoping to earn enough through these sales to make a special trip to see my GF who is the love of my life time.

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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

1980 Renault Electric Car - Lectric Leopard

This is a Renault LeCar that was factory converted to Electric Motor Drive Car by (U.S,. Electricar Corp.) when it was new. It runs on golf cart batteries and is very quiet when driven. It has a built-in battery charging system that plugs into standard house hold AC.

The car was design to run 50 miles on a set of 16 (6 volt) batteries, but if you only install 8 batteries, it has less weight to pull around and drives faster, but not as far. Also with only 8 batteries installed, it will take less power to charge it than the 40 AMPS it took when all 16 batteries were in place...

The first time we test drove the car, it only had 8 batteries installed and the wheels spun as it took off.

Planned sale at public auction

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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Bronze Sculpture of Nude Woman - Signed

This Bronze Sculpture with accurately proportioned details has a well aged petina. It was recently aquired at an estate sale. The signature appears to read "Chinnici".

===== Condition: Great =====
In almost excellent condition except for a ding on the toe.

We specialize in things you can't find anywhere else.

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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Vintage Metal Urn with Cobalt Blue Glass Liner

This URN consists of 3 parts. A metal base, metal lid, and blue glass liner. It will make a perfectly spooky piece for a movie prop.

===== Condition: Very Good =====
There is some minor damage on the top of the lid where the handle is dented in on one side. I don't see any other damage. No chips, scratches, dings in the glass.

We specialize in things you can't find anywhere else.

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Sunday, May 04, 2008

Whites Coinmaster 2/DB Series 2 Metal Detector

This is one of the TR (Transmit/Receive) type detectors. This means that you have to tune it close to the ground to get maximum depth. Once tuned, if you lift the head off of the ground, it will buzz. The objective is to set it to a point as close to the ground as possible while still being able to scoot it along over various bumps, etc, without causing false triggers. You now have it set to find coins and other metals as deep as possible. It has a discriminator that rejects junk while letting you find coins.

Metal Detecting is a great hobby that will get you outside and on your feet. You will spend many hours of fun hunting for buried treasure. You will learn what different items sound like and the best places to find them.

This unit was tested and working prior to listing on ebay. It was able to beep over sample test coins placed on the ground.

Features Include:
* (knob) Manual adjust tuning
* (knob) Manual adjust sensitivity
* (knob) Manual adjust discriminator
* (Button) Auto adjust tuning
* Headphone jack for private hunting in noisy areas or when you don't want to bother others at the park or beach
* 8 inch TR search coil
* Takes one 9 volt battery

We specialize in things you can't find anywhere else.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Out of These Chains - 1942 (signed) - HC

by: Vincent Godfrey Burns

This is a sequel to the book: "I am a Fugitive from a Georgia Chain Gang"

Copyright 1942
464 pages.

Autographed by the author on:

Nov. 10th, 1948.
For Joe Hodges with best regards Vincent Burns

Read about:
This book is an important one, because it reveals for the first time the inside story of the case which millions of people have followed with breathless interest, the most famous prison epic in the history of America, the case of the fugitive from the Georgia chain gang.

More info:
Part One was made into a movie: "I am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang" in the 1930's featuring a famous actor named: Paul Muni.

Price: $60.00 Starting BID on eBay now

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The biggest event in my whole life, so far...

Well, I am planning the biggest event in my whole life time. I plan to see someone very special to me.

I met this very special someone on skype July 8th, 2006 and she is the dearest, sweetest girl I know. The hardest part is that she lives 8120 miles away from me and the distance between us is more than a walk in the park. That is what I hope to do when I see her. There are a lot of beautiful parks around her and I hope to spend some time there seeing the sights with her.

To tell you a little about me... I am a disabled person trying to start a business of my own. My latest venture is an antique shop in Linwood PA, called WagonLoads.com. From that shop, I sell all kinds of things. I try to specialize in things you can't find anywhere else.

Right now, business is slow, because not that many people have heard of WagonLoads.com yet, or know what we sell here. I hope you will take a look and see if you find something you never knew about before and maybe have a chance to buy it before someone else does.

Well, love is in the air and I hope to see her very soon. I really need to get a few items going here to help me out, because who knows how long that gal 8120 miles away will wait. Every item I sell will help me towards buying that ticket on the plane to go see her smiling face.

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